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Origini ed etimologia della particella 'nee' alla fine di frasi in dialetti del Nord Italia

Soprattutto nel nord-ovest sento spesso usare 'nee' alla fine di talune asserzioni, per esempio: 'Non chiederlo ancora, nee.' 'Prendi il libro, nee.' 'Sono stanco ora, nee.' Sapreste dirmi ...

grammar etymology regional  
asked by Kyriakos Kyritsis 9 votes
answered by Gabriele Petronella 11 votes

What does "bella ciao" mean literally?

Is "bella" considered as an adjective and "ciao" as a noun? OR "bella" is the addressee and "ciao" is an interjection meaning "goodbye". Stated differently, is it translated as "beautiful goodbye/ ...

word-meaning meaning grammar vocabulary grammatical-analysis  
asked by OS1799 10 votes
answered by Federico Poloni 7 votes

What does the word "pizza" mean in Italian?

I've recently heard from a friend that the word "pizza" means "pie" in Italian. This sounds like an almost too obvious falsehood to me... But it seems to be corroborated by ...

asked by Guy Passy 4 votes
answered by Easymode44 4 votes

Meaning of “meno male”

I'm learning to speak Italian (along with my wife and 2 year old), and so we were watching Peppa Pig the other day. We heard a phrase used that seemed like a response to “mi dispiace”, and we think ...

meaning phrase-request  
asked by random_forest_fanatic 7 votes
answered by DaG 5 votes

Perché a volte si utilizza la V per scrivere la U?

Qualcuno conosce il motivo per il quale a volte viene utilizzata, a livello grafico, la lettera V per indicare la U? Come, ad esempio, "Palazzo di Givstizia"

asked by WalterV 8 votes
answered by Riccardo De Contardi 6 votes

Can a text in Latin be understood by an educated Italian who never had any formal teaching of that language?

Of all Latin derived languages, I presume Italian is the closest to Latin. This is just an assumption which I presume is correct. For this reason, I've always wondered whether an average educated ...

translation latin  
asked by Centaurus 20 votes
answered by DaG 18 votes

Cosa significa e dove si usa l'espressione "acca 24"?

Giulia e Arianna parlano di Laura: Giulia: "Laura è eccessivamente impegnata nelle questioni sociali". Arianna: "Si, è vero! Il suo impegno acca 24 inizia proprio ad urtarmi". ...

word-meaning word-usage  
asked by Kyriakos Kyritsis 8 votes
answered by leoredi 19 votes
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