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Top new questions this week:

Aggettivo per esprimere il fatto che il cellulare non funziona più

Recentemente ho vissuto l'esperienza di dover passare alcuni giorni senza cellulare dovuto al fatto che non funzionava più. Non c'è stato verso di farlo funzionare di nuovo ed è finita che ho dovuto ...

word-choice adjectives vocabulary  
asked by Charo 5 votes
answered by Old Man of Aran 8 votes

Nessuno ha più fiducia in lui

I think nessuno ha più fiducia in lui can be translated as nobody trusts him anymore but also as there is nobody that trusts him more (... than she does) Is that correct? How can I distinguish ...

asked by cheesus 2 votes
answered by Denis Nardin 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

"avrei dovuto/voluto/potuto" VS "dovevo/volevo/potevo"

Mi chiedevo se qualcuno potesse darmi una spiegazione tecnica della differenza fra "avrei dovuto/voluto/potuto" e "dovevo/volevo/potevo". Personalmente ho sempre percepito la variante con "avrei" ...

verbs conditional-mood  
asked by Francesco Casula 8 votes
answered by silvia 3 votes

"La mia famiglia" or "mia famiglia"?

I am confused as I thought "mia famiglia" translated to "my family", but I was recently corrected and told it was "la mia famiglia"... What is the difference?

word-usage adjectives articles  
asked by Michelle 7 votes
answered by CarLaTeX 12 votes

How can I translate the expression "I don't care" into Italian?

In English we use the expression "I don't care" to express that we don't feel interest or concern about something. How can we say a similar expression in Italian? Google Translate gives "Non mi ...

asked by april 6 votes
answered by DaG 15 votes

What is the Italian equivalent for "well/so"?

In English we can say: Well/So, it's time for me to leave. So/Well, what can I do to help you? Well/So, what's the problem? Is allora an equivalent of "so/well" in these cases?

word-usage english-comparison translation  
asked by Vic 12 votes
answered by mau 11 votes

What is a typical situation to say "disgraziato"?

What is a typical situation to use "disgraziato!"? What kind of emotion is associated with the word?

word-usage adjectives  
asked by Memming 9 votes
answered by Alenanno 4 votes

Correct usage of the verb "divertirsi"

I was talking to my Italian professoressa and we were basically discussing how our long weekend went. Being an Italian class, she expected me to describe the whole endeavor in Italiano. However, our ...

word-usage verbs phrase-choice  
asked by Digital Veer 12 votes

Formazione di sostantivi derivati da verbi: uso dei suffissi

Sostantivi che rappresentano la messa in atto di un'azione, e quindi di un verbo, sono ottenuti mediante l'aggiunta di un suffisso alla radice del verbo. I suffissi sono vari e abbiamo quindi, volendo ...

word-usage suffix  
asked by martina 7 votes
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