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Translating the sentence from the opera libretto - Norma

I am trying to understand the libretto of the opera Norma by Felice Romani (music by Vincenzo Bellini). Norma is the Celtic / Gallic high priestess, who has had a love affair and 2 children with the ...

word-meaning verbs word-choice translation prepositions  
asked by Biologist Score of 2
answered by DaG Score of 4

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Meaning of "magari"

My dictionary translates 'magari' as 'maybe'. However, I know that it can be used as interjection to mean something like "I wish!". My question is, when it's used in a sentence like this: Magari ci ...

asked by Groky Score of 12
answered by apaderno Score of 18

Quando, e perché, 'scopare' ha assunto il significato di 'avere un rapporto sessuale'?

Secondo il Treccani 'scopare', fra l'altro, significa: Avere un rapporto sessuale con qualcuno: non vuole s. con il primo che capita (spesso con la particella pron. si: l’ha portata a casa sua e se ...

idioms history  
asked by Kyriakos Kyritsis Score of 11
answered by donnadulcinea Score of 11

Can I say bravo to a female performer?

Everywhere in the world after a successful performance like a live music show or theater play, you can hear audience yelling "Bravo!" to the performers regardless of their gender or number. Is this ...

asked by Vado a fare la spesa Score of 41
answered by DaG Score of 52

What does "Boh!" mean, precisely?

I often heard people saying "Boh!" especially, but not only, when I stayed in Rome. However, I'm unsure what the intended meaning of "Boh!" is, either in Rome or elsewhere. Does it mean I don't know, ...

asked by Kyriakos Kyritsis Score of 18
answered by Sklivvz Score of 23

Can a text in Latin be understood by an educated Italian who never had any formal teaching of that language?

Of all Latin derived languages, I presume Italian is the closest to Latin. This is just an assumption which I presume is correct. For this reason, I've always wondered whether an average educated ...

translation latin  
asked by Centaurus Score of 20
answered by DaG Score of 18

Espressione "mi fa una pippa"

Ciao, Ho sentito l'espressione mi fa una pippa diverse volte. Però non ho mai capito cosa significhi. Grazie

idioms meaning vocabulary  
asked by Bruno Score of 3
answered by Mau Score of 5

How can I say "take care" in Italian?

When I want to say "take care" to somebody either orally or at the end of a letter what is the right expression? Can I use in gamba or stammi bene? Do they mean the same thing?

word-choice phrase-request  
asked by Vic Score of 5
answered by zephyros Score of 7
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