I was not successful in finding an exact equivalent Italian word for disenfranchise neither in Google nor in WordReference.

From the Merriam-Webster dictionary

disenfranchise transitive verb: to deprive of a franchise, of a legal right, or of some privilege or immunity especially: to deprive of the right to vote

In the Wordreference dictionary I can only find

Privare del diritto di voto.

Obviously this is a phrase that conveys the meaning of the word disenfranchise. However I'd like to know if there is a single Italian word expressing the same meaning.

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    Could you please add more context to your question and show some kind of attempt of translating it by yourself? – abarisone Nov 4 at 13:47
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    What's the problem with the translations "privare [qlcn] del diritto di voto" or "togliere il diritto di voto a [qlcn]"? Please, edit your question to clarify your specific problem. – Charo Nov 4 at 20:24
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    @FabioSpaghetti: Your question has received requests for clarification, been put on hold as unclear and been downvoted. So, apparently, yes, it seems that it needs some editing. – DaG Nov 5 at 6:35
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    So, if I understand correctly, your question is simply “Is there a single Italian word meaning ‘privare [qualcuno] del diritto di voto’?”. If this is the case, I believe the answer is no, but I am ready to stand corrected if someone suggests such a word. – DaG Nov 5 at 9:11
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    I took the liberty to edit the question with more details and reopen it. If I have changed the intended meaning of the question feel free to correct it. – Denis Nardin Nov 5 at 10:36

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