When signing a card or letter, is it "Famiglia & Surname" or "La famiglia & Surname"?

Maybe my question was not clear enough.

My question is which form is correct:

  1. Famiglia Niccoli or
  2. La Famiglia Niccoli

Thank you.

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    Famiglia, without "la". – CarLaTeX Mar 10 at 6:25
  • Welcome to Italian.SE! – Charo Mar 10 at 7:17
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    @linuxfansaysReinstateMonica, the surname is the family name... – DaG Mar 10 at 8:51
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    @linuxfansaysReinstateMonica, what do you mean by “yes and no”? “Surname” means “family name”, and the OP asked about the use of surnames (not first names) in conjunction with the Italian word famiglia. – DaG Mar 10 at 10:52
  • +1 for having updated the question, now it is way more clear (and interesting). And I am not sure that the article should be avoided: without it, sounds strange to me. – linuxfan says Reinstate Monica Mar 12 at 9:28

If you mean a literal “&”, none of the proposed forms is meaningful. In an informal communication, you'd use the first name followed, if necessary, by e famiglia. For instance:

(Saluti da) Mario e famiglia.

In a formal context, you might use famiglia followed by the family name:

(Sentite condoglianze), famiglia Rossi.

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  • Your answers are greatfully appreciated. – Carole Mar 10 at 22:39

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