I am reading a novel and cannot find the meaning of this word in the dictionary. It is probably a word from the Milanese dialect : «È arrivata la stimuscetta.»

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    Which novel are you reading?
    – Hachi
    Aug 17 '20 at 14:22
  • Il gioco della verità di Sveva Casati Modignani (Bice Cairati) who is a Milanese. The author used that word in another novel. I assume it’s slang. Aug 17 '20 at 14:26
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    Welcome to Italian.SE! Can you please edit your question to add this information?
    – Charo
    Aug 17 '20 at 14:32
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    You might want add as well that the word itself is in italic in the text, meaning it's not standard Italian.
    – DaG
    Aug 17 '20 at 15:04
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    Thank you for the information and also this link on the Academia del dialetto milanese. That is one of the things I like about the author Sveva Casati Modignani is that she introduces cultural elements that refer to the history and diversity of Italian culture. I do enjoy reading novels by Domenico Starnone the same way and for similar reasons. Aug 18 '20 at 18:34

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