What would be the meaning of the expression

"Ci tengo a precisare che"?

Google Translator is giving me this expression as a translation of

"I would like to point out that..."

The translation does not seem to be literal. It seems like a idiomatic expression of some sort.

I am sorry if my question is too obvious. I am a beginner learner of Italian.

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    What does your dictionary say about "tenerci a"?
    – DonHolgo
    Jul 6, 2021 at 8:04
  • "Tenere a qualcosa" = "To care about something" Jul 6, 2021 at 9:37
  • @DonHolgo it says " to care about, attach great importance to". Jul 6, 2021 at 14:24
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    @DanielZardo Exactly. So doesn't that answer your question already?
    – DonHolgo
    Jul 6, 2021 at 14:38
  • @DonHolgo yeah, I've marked as answered already. Jul 6, 2021 at 14:45

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The translation is pretty good, although "Ci tengo a precisare che" is a mildly strong expression that "I would like to point out that..." does not catch perfectly, at least in my opinion.

A slightly better translation could be something like "I care to point out that..."

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