When parents arrange a time for their children to meet and play, in English that is called a "playdate" or "play date". Is there an equivalent lemma or locuzione in Italian?

I would find natural to say "appuntamento per giocare" or "appuntamento per far giocare i bambini" which do not sound very fresh though, to me they sound slow and tedious.

Any hint?

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The basic fact is that there is not even an exact correspondence between the English word “date” (in the present meaning) and any Italian word. One of the nearest is appuntamento, but you can have an appuntamento with a friend, with the dentist, and so on, while talking about a date involves explicitly a romantic interest, to the point that a couple might try to ascertain whether a meeting they had was, or not, a date.
In Italian you have to use a periphrasis, perhaps involving vedersi or uscire insieme (or something completely different to the same effect). There is no one-to-one correspondence between the words of different languages.
So, for our “playdate”, depending on the context it appears in, I would probably express it with a phrase with a completely different structure, about, say, «portarli a giocare con gli amichetti», «far venire gli amichetti a casa» or, often, something involving a merenda or whatever.

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    perfect answer (except maybe for the word "question", which I think is an Italianism...) Feb 8, 2014 at 22:54

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