Is there a complete list of all Italian irregular verbs?

I would appreciate it in particular to find a table that includes the various subregularities, too.


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There is a complete (I believe: it says “i verbi irregolari dell'italiano moderno”), accurately annotated list of Italian irregular verbs in Serianni's Italian grammar, in paragraphs 125-355 of Ch. XI (pages 300-320 in Garzanti edition, Italiano; there is also an edition by UTET).


I don't know any online complete list of irregular Italian verbs, but I think a good book is this one: Roberto Tartaglione, Verbissimo: tutti i verbi italiani (Firenze: Alma Edizioni, 1999), http://www.almaedizioni.it/en/catalogue/scheda/verbissimo/.


Good online resources on Italian verbs are the verbix conjugator verbix.com or italian-verbs.com. All Italian verbs are fully conjugated, both regular and irregular, but occasionally you may find some mistakes. If you are looking for a more reputable source, I recommend The Big Book of Italian Verbs: 900 Fully Conjugated Verbs in All Tenses...

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