Food for thought is very common English expression meaning:

  • An idea or issue to ponder, as in 'That interesting suggestion of yours has given us food for thought.' (It is a metaphoric phrase that uses the idea of digestion to indicate something in the mind.)
  • Cibo per la mente is generally used as a translation. What other expressions can best convey the meaning of 'food for thought'?
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    spunti interessanti? Commented Jan 28, 2015 at 12:48

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According to wordreference, you can also translate it with "spunto di riflessione" or "stimolo per una riflessione".


Possible equivalent sentences:
"Il suo interessante suggerimento/intervento ci ha dato molto su cui pensare/ riflettere" (= Your interesting suggestion gave us a lot to think about).
"Il suo spunto ci ha dato molto su cui riflettere".

An expression with related meaning:
Digerire qualcosa (to digest something). Example: "Quanto mi dici non è facile da digerire!" (= What you're telling me is not easy to accept/ absorb).

Anyway, "cibo per la mente" is definitely not used as an idiom like "food for thought" is in English.

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