Is there any difference between the two phrase la settimana scorsa vs la scorsa settimana?

For instance, I found the following sentence in my Rosetta Stone program:

Mio padre è morto la scorsa settimana.

But while I don't remember the sentence, I also read the sentence that uses la settimana scorsa.

Similarly, does the la settimana prossima have the same meaning as la prossima settimana?

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No there is no difference in meaning between:

  • la settimana scorsa/prossima


  • la scorsa/prossima settimana.

Ngram shows that usages of both forms are common.

  • You can refer here for rules regarding adjectives order in the Italian language:
  • Thanks. It's interesting to see that la settimana scorsa is used more often than la scorsa settimana but in the case of prossima, it's reversed.
    – Blaszard
    Commented Jun 24, 2015 at 22:09

The two options are identical in the meaning, in some regions "la scorsa settimana" is used more often than "la settimana scorsa" in others is the opposite ( depends on the dialect influence),anyway depends also to the position in the sentence: "la settimana scorsa sono stato in montagna" is more common than "la scorsa settimana sono stato in montagna". But you have to know that the difference is pratically zero.

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