In American English, the following sentences correctly use the punctuation.

She told me "Don't talk to me like that!"

She told me "I love you."

When I hear "she is coming," I run in the opposite direction.

How would the translation in Italian of those sentences use the punctuation? In particular:

  • Should I add a period after the quote in the first example?
  • Is it correct to put the period inside the quote as in the second example?
  • Does the comma in the third example go inside or outside the quote?

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In the same order:

  • It depends (different Italian publishers have different rules for this; I think I can quote sources for both uses).
  • No (but even here there is not a universal consensus). I'd write:

    Mi disse “Ti amo”.

    But if a whole sentence or sequence of sentences are within quotes, the final period should be within as well (just like for brackets).

  • Outside, definitely.

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