In Italian, out of the four choices given below, what is the proper / standard way of formatting a currency amount (does the currency symbol go before or after the amount and should there be a separating space between the currency symbol and the amount)?

  1. 300 €

  2. € 300

  3. 300€

  4. €300


NOTE: My question is related to this one but goes beyond that question as I am also asking about the spacing between the currency symbol and the numeric amount.

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    ...and even there it was observed that this “has little to do with the Italian language”, and more with international conventions and anti-counterfeit measures.
    – DaG
    Oct 23, 2015 at 12:01
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    Hi @JohnSonderson. Thanks for asking, but details about adding a space could not prevent this question from being an exact duplicate. If you follow the links in the accepted answer to that question, you'd find all the recommendations about writing the symbols correctly (spacing included).
    – I.M.
    Oct 23, 2015 at 15:07

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In Italian you can write

1.300,00 €


€ 1.300,00

Normally, people make use of the first of these two formats. You must add a space between the number and the currency symbol, you must use a period (".") to group digits as in

1.300 €

and you must use a comma (",") before the start of the decimal part of a numeric amount. Normally, for currency in euros, two digits are written for the fractional part.

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