I am looking for a literal translation of the following:

Assisa a' piè d'un salice,
immersa nel dolore,
gemea traffita Isaura
dal più crudele amore:
L'aura tra i rami flebile
ne ripetva il suon.

I ruscelletti limpidi
a' caldi suoi sospiri,
il mormorio mesceano
de' lor diversi giri:
L'aura fra i rami flebile
ne ripetva il suon.

Salce d'amor delzia!
Ombra pietosa appresta,
di mie sciagure immemore,
all'urna mia funesta;
nè più ripeta l'aura
de' miei lamenti il suon.

So far I found: Seated at a foot of a willow, immersed in grief, complained the hapless Isaura, about the most cruel love; the breeze amid the mournful boughs repeated the sound.

The lucid rills mixed her burning sighs with the murmur of its passing ways. The breeze amid the mournful boughs repeated the sound.

Willow of love's joy ??? merciful shadow of my misfortune ??? at my sad urn, ??? the breeze repeats the sound of my laments.

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    – Charo
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    Do you want to translate it to understand the meaning of this aria?
    – Charo
    Dec 30 '15 at 19:49
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    I am not an opera expert (@DenisNardin, where art thou?), but this lines are not by Rossini, but by Otello's librettist, who should be Francesco Maria Berio di Salsa.
    – DaG
    Dec 30 '15 at 20:06
  • @DaG I'm here, but I fear I'm not enough of an expert to know all of Rossini's librettists :). A cursory search on the internet seems to confirm what you said
    – Denis Nardin
    Dec 31 '15 at 10:21

This is my best shot at the translation (do we do translations here? I'm not sure. Feel free to delete this answer if it is off-topic). It is as literal as I am able to make it without completely slaughtering English grammar.

Seated at the feet of a willow
immersed in grief
Isaura moaned, pierced
by the most cruel love:
the air among the branches weakly
repeated their sound

The clean creeks
to her warm sighs
mixed the murmur
of their different turns:
the air among the branches weakly
repeated their sound

O Willow delight of love!
Prepare a merciful shadow,
that does not remember my misfortunes,
for my unfortunate urn
And let the air no more
repeat the sound of my laments

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