I am trying to understand how to create sentences using the infinitive after prepositions per, prima di, and senza. I am searching for examples to help me study and not coming up with anything other than what is in my textbook - any suggestions or comments on how it is best to construct these sentences?


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Usage examples with per:

  • corro per arrivare prima (I run to arrive earlier)
  • mi avvicino per sentire meglio (I move closer to hear better)
  • faccio ginnastica per dimagrire. (I exercise to lose weight)

Examples with prima di:

  • controllo i bagagli prima di partire ( I check my luggage before leaving)
  • spegni le luci prima di andare a letto (switch off the light before going to sleep)
  • mi lavo sempre le mani prima di mangiare (I always wash my hands before eating)

Examples with senza:

  • mio fratello è uscito senza salutare (my brother left without saying goodbye)
  • sono rimasto in piedi senza parlare per un'ora (I stood without saying a word for an hour)
  • non si può stare senza mangiare per giorni (you can't go without food for days)

Hope it helps.

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