1. posso farla
  2. ce la faccio

Is there a difference between these two phrases or do they both mean "I can do it"?

Is one more common than the other?


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Two equivalent ways of saying “I can do it” – in a generic way, with the meaning of “I'll manage” – are ce la posso fare and posso farcela.

Ce la faccio denotes more confidence: “I am doing it”, “I'm almost there”, more or less.

Finally, posso farla would just mean “I can do [this particular thing]”, as in answering to a question like «Puoi fare l'ultima parte?» (Can you do the last part?).


I guess in your first sentence you mean "Posso farcela". In this case we can say both sentences have the same meaning... however saying "Ce la faccio" is a slightly stronger and more confident statement than "Posso farcela".

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