A child asked his father:

"Papà, la maestra ci ha parlato dell'antica Roma, ma non ho capito bene: chi la fondò?"

and his father replied:

"Dai che lo sai già! La fondarono Romolo e Remo, ma poi Romolo litigò con suo fratello e lo uccise".

What's the meaning of "Dai che lo sai già" here?

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Dai is a very common colloquial interjection which means:

come on, go on:

  • dai, parla! come on, out with it!

(che) lo sai già letterally means: (that) you know that already!


So the father is suggesting that the child actually knows who founded Rome. The child has just to think about it or he should know that already.

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    As an idiomatic translation into English I'd suggest "Come on, you know this!"
    – jogloran
    Mar 5, 2017 at 22:48

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