I'm having a hard time finding an Italian equivalent to theses phrases.
At the beginning means at the place or time at which something starts.
eg. *There is a contents page at the beginning of the book.
**In the beginning, means initially and implies further change.
eg. ***I thought that the Italian language was difficult in the beginning, but now I think it’s easy*
At the end means at the last part or further part of something.
eg. You will find a revision test at the end of the book.
In the end means finally, at last, when having taken everything into consideration.
eg. I had decided to go to his house but in the end, I went back home instead.
What are the equivalent phrases in Italian, showing exactly the difference in their meanings??

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At the beginning = "all'inizio" eg.

L'indice (the contents page) è all'inizio del libro

for the second example you can use "inizialmente" that means initially or still use "all'inizio"

"All'inizio/Inizialmente pensavo che l'italiano fosse difficile, ma ora penso che sia facile"

Similar to at the end = "alla fine"

"Troverai la revisione alla fine del libro"

Another use could be "infine" but I personally use "alla fine" more often.

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