Some days ago I bumped into a non-official, Italian version of the song for the Lava short by Pixar about a volcano that keeps waiting for someone to love. The original song makes a pun between the words lava and love. This version tries to keep the pun with the following verses:

Io so che nel mondo per me c'è un amore
che magma con tutto il suo cuore.

I enjoyed the song very much but my knowledge of Italian is very very limited so I could not identify the pun in magma. Now I think I know what the pun is, but I don't want to bias your answers, so I ask, what's the intended pun in the verses above?

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The pun lies in the fact that in Italian the word magma sounds a bit like m'ama, the contracted form of mi ama, that is, “loves me”.

So the quoted verse means “I know that in the world for me there is a love who magma/loves me with all his heart”.

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    This is the pun I thought. After figuring that out I checked the lyrics in the video and there it is written "che m'agma con tutto il suo cuore" (note the apostrophe), which reinforces the pun with "m'ama" or "mi ama".
    – Charlie
    Commented Sep 5, 2018 at 13:25

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