In the following sentence, does the term i due ragazzi translate to the young couple?

I due ragazzi non hanno segreti.

Can this only be used to refer to a young couple? Does this just mean the two young people and not have any implication of romance without context?

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The expression “i due ragazzi” would be the same as “the two kids”.

The young couple would be translated as “la giovane coppia”.

In the case you mentioned you’re right, it just means that the two youths have no secrets to each other.

Without a specific context you can say nothing about the kind of romantic relationship, you only state that they are close friends.

Surely when you use the term ragazzi you usually refer to young people, but in general you can also use the term to ironically describe an older man acting as a younger one.

Suo nonno è proprio un ragazzo incorreggibile.


The phrase i due ragazzi is very generic and can refer to any two youths (provided one of them is male, otherwise it would be le due ragazze).

Unless the context makes clear that the two youths are a just mentioned young couple, it would be impossible to understand that they form a couple.

Sono stato a trovare una coppia di giovani sposini. I due ragazzi non hanno segreti (l'un l'altro) e si amano molto.

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