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Abbreviations are shortened forms of words or phrases.

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Year, month, week, day, hour, minute, second abbreviation in Italian

I'm writing some code that turns duration into human-readable text. And I wish to do it correctly. Below are example cases, please point out the mistakes in Italian one. (I don't have any Italian ...
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Meaning of abbreviation "b.e.n." in a dedication from around 1800

When transcribing a fugue, a piece of music by Antonio Salieri (possibly meant for a Stammbuch, i.e.. a German friendship book, although it is a bit long for that) I was puzzled by its dedication: H....
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Is there an Italian equivalent for the English abbreviation "MC" for "main character?"

Since I see "MC" often in the context of English games and so forth, I wanted to know if Italians had an equivalent word that they would use when talking about a character/protagonist of a story, ...
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Can I use G instead of GG (short for days) if I am out of space?

I am writing a mobile app and use 1H, 1D and 7D (English), which is 1H, 1G and 7GG (Italian). That extra G is messing up my layout. Is it ok to use 7G? I know Italians use GG for plural form of days (...
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Meaning of Q H U

I've been reading a poem "Song to Joannes" by a futurist poet Mina Loy. Her poems are hard to interpret but there is one line that really confuses me. ... Nothing so conserving As cool ...
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Day, hour, minute, second abbreviation in Italian

In English I can say : 2 d 3 h 2 m 20 s (= 2 days 3 hours 2 minutes 20 seconds) What would be the abbreviations in Italian for day, hour, minute, second?
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Translating Section of an Italian Almanac

I am doing research on an ancestor (or relative of my ancestor) and found his name in two Italian almanacs. Using Google Translate I have figured out most of what I want to know, but not all of it. ...
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Meaning of "gg" in indicating days

Giving a time estimate in days is always written in this way 10gg Here "gg" refers to days, more precisely "giorni", but here there's only one g present. My question is where "gg" is coming from? ...
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Sul significato di "R" in "R. QUESTURA" in un fonogramma del 1943

C'è qualcuno che sa cosa significhi quella erre puntata ("R.") prima di "QUESTURA" nel fonogramma—risalente al 1943—rappresentato qui sotto? Forse 'rispettabile'? Prego indicare qualche fonte ...