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Words created by combining two or more other words together

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con- + personal noun

Concittadino = "fellow citizen" But can "con-" be prepended to form other words, e.g.: Constudente = "fellow student" Conparrocchiano = "fellow parishioner" etc....
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Help me understand the word "spiegargliele"

Here is the full sentence: "Bisogna sempre spiegargliele le cose, ai grandi." The word "spiegargliele" confuses me. First, I know it comes from spiegare. But what does "glie" stand for? Does the ...
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Raddoppiamento delle consonanti in parole composte: esiste qualche regola?

Nella formazione di parole composte ho osservato che molte volte si raddoppiano consonanti che sono semplici nei vocaboli da cui provviene la parola composta. Per esempio: così + detto --> ...
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Why the single particle glielo?

One can write: glielo porto, gliene riferisco, gliela scaldo, ... but not: lelo porto, mene incolse, tela scaldo, ... Why gli is different in this respect? Where does this difference originate?
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Degree of acceptance of conjugation of verb according to root

The verb trasalire should be conjugated (I report the Indicative present tense) as Io trasalisco; Tu trasalisci, Egli trasalisce ... But since the verb may be perceived as a composite of salire, ...
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