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How easy is it for a speaker of 'standard' Italian to understand the Neapolitan dialect?

This question is prompted by me watching the Gomorra TV series, where (I assume) most of the characters speak Neapolitan. I was curious on how intelligible the dialect (as spoken by the characters ...
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What are the Italian words that end with a consonant and that aren't inherited from other languages?

I believe it is a very short list. Excluding words that are inherited, unchanged, from other languages (e.g. dessert). Would it make sense to include "preposizioni articolate" (del, al, nel, col, etc)...
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L'uso del "lei" sta diminuendo in tutta Italia?

Giusto per distrarmi dalla noia lavorativa post-ferragostana, vi faccio questa domanda. Negli ultimi anni ho notato che, almeno qui a Milano, l'uso del lei sta diminuendo sensibilmente. Qualche ...
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