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What was the equivalent of "Ciao!" in 16th Century Rome?

I've been told that "Ciao!" comes from Venice and, back in the 16th Century, it was not yet used ubiquitously on the Peninsula. Some sources suggest that "Salve!" could have been ...
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Thank you card Salutation to an Italian priest

I would like to express Dear Father Rossi. But I do not want to use the word Caro. Is this correct? Egregio Padre Rossi,
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Signing a card or letter using "famiglia"

When signing a card or letter, is it "Famiglia & Surname" or "La famiglia & Surname"? Maybe my question was not clear enough. My question is which form is correct: Famiglia Niccoli ...
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Salami and Cheese -- pun on a greeting formula

Somebody once told me about this pun. What is it, and what's the original formula? PS: A preliminary web search only finds food blogs, and I don't know at the moment how to refine the search. Grazie ...
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Do Italians close a conversation with some kind of salute?

I am wondering whether it is polite or typical for an Italian person to say 'bye' or 'ciao' at the end of a phone call or when they leave the house. I know an Italian who never signs-off on a phone ...
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Proper form of addressing ecclesiastics in writing?

What is the proper form of addressing ecclesiastics (bishops, cardinals, superiors, sisters, et al.) when writing letters in Italian? How should such a letter be concluded?
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Should I greet ciao or buongiorno when greeted by buongiorno?

I'm now in Italy and found that a clerk sometimes use buongiorno when I entered the bar. I always use ciao when I greet, but I wonder whether it is OK to greet by ciao or should use buongiorno when I ...
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