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Signora or Signorina when marriage status unknown

I am writing an email in Italian to a female HR manager. I was going to write "Buongiorno Sig.ra ____", but I don't know if this would be proper given that she may not be married. What is ...
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Thank you card Salutation to an Italian priest

I would like to express Dear Father Rossi. But I do not want to use the word Caro. Is this correct? Egregio Padre Rossi,
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Signing a card or letter using "famiglia"

When signing a card or letter, is it "Famiglia & Surname" or "La famiglia & Surname"? Maybe my question was not clear enough. My question is which form is correct: Famiglia Niccoli ...
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Proper form of addressing ecclesiastics in writing?

What is the proper form of addressing ecclesiastics (bishops, cardinals, superiors, sisters, et al.) when writing letters in Italian? How should such a letter be concluded?
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“Thank you for considering my application” in Italian

When wrapping up an application in English, I like to conclude with the sentence "Thank you for considering my application". I am now writing a Masters application to an Italian University, and I ...
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