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Years that the term "L'Ottocento" refers to?

From what I understand, "L'Ottocento" refers to the English equivalent of the 19th century (1801-1900). Is there a specific reason or any additional context as to why this term would refer ...
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Decina sta a dozzina come dieci sta a?

Stamattina, leggendo un libro in inglese ho incontrato la parola dozen e l'ho ripetuta più volte in italiano, a voce, e mi è sorta la domanda in oggetto. Qual è l'etimologia delle tre parole dozzina, ...
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Why do the numbers change format at 17-19?

A learner still, I'm looking at numbers. I can relatively easily learn stuff when there's a rule or a pattern, but I'm curious why the numbers in Italian change from : undici dodici xx-dici .. to ...
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When to use ordinal numbers and cardinal numbers for centuries

I know one can say [hundreds digit] + "cento" for centuries from the twelveth to the twentieth, e.g. "Quattrocento" for the fifteenth century. But if I want to say "Ventunesimo secolo", can I say "il ...
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Cardinal numbers - separation of words with a space beyond 100 000

I have stumbled upon this link on the web: I states: "Numbers are grouped in words of three digits, with the specific rule that a ...
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Ordinal numbers beyond 1 million

Is there any confirmed grammatical rule explaining how to write (spell) ordinal numbers beyond 1 million? Two examples: 1 000 001st: milione primo; un milione e primo; un milione primo; ...
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Placement of currency symbols: before or after numeric amount and with or without a separating space? [duplicate]

In Italian, out of the four choices given below, what is the proper / standard way of formatting a currency amount (does the currency symbol go before or after the amount and should there be a ...
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What is the correct way to format currency in Italian?

According to Wikipedia, Euro amounts should be written as: 1.006,28 € With the currency symbol behind. However, there are other websites that show it going in front for Italy, but behind for the ...
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Come si gestisce l'articolo davanti ai numeri scritti in cifre?

Certe volte gli italiani scrivono i numeri in cifre piuttosto che in lettere, come può accadere in frasi come 1) ... l'ottanta percento dei giovani è disoccupato ..., 2) ... l'undici ottobre a ...
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È corretta l'espressione "il doppio più lunga delle altre"?

Ho testé sentito in un telefilm la frase Ha presentato una lista il doppio più lunga delle altre A me verrebbe più naturale dire "lunga il doppio delle altre", e assumo che questa sia l'...
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Is novecentonovantanovemilanovecentonovantanove one word?

Is "novecentonovantanovemilanovecentonovantanove" one word? (That's what Treccani seems to suggest, mentioning for example the number "seicentocinquantaquattromilatrecentoventuno", i.e. 654321). Or ...
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"diciannovesimo" vs. "decimonono" vs. "nonodecimo"

Qual è la differenza tra questi aggettivi numerali, usati per indicare un numero ordinale? Ovvero, quali sono le migliori indicazioni d'uso (quando usare una forma, e quando un'altra)?
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Italian number words from eleven to nineteen - history of a bizarre, inconsistent construction [duplicate]

Let's count in Latin from one to twenty: ūnus/ūna/ūnum, duo/duae/duo, trēs/tria, quattuor, quīnque, sex, septem, octō, novem, decem, ūndecim, duodecim, tredecim, quattuordecim, quīndecim, sēdecim, ...
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