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Questions tagged [puns]

Use this tag to categorize questions about play on words that cannot be considered as idioms.

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1 answer

Frase umoristica con molteplici antanaclasi

Di recente mi sono imbattuto nella frase umoristica inglese "Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana" che ho scoperto essere abbastanza famosa (tanto da avere una pagina su ...
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2 answers

Aria del dipendente

Listening to Alessandro Scarlatti's aria "O cessate di piagarmi", the pun "Non cessate di pagarmi" came to my mind. Since my Italian skills are pretty limited, I wonder if the ...
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1 answer

Salami and Cheese -- pun on a greeting formula

Somebody once told me about this pun. What is it, and what's the original formula? PS: A preliminary web search only finds food blogs, and I don't know at the moment how to refine the search. Grazie ...
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A magma-related Lava pun

Some days ago I bumped into a non-official, Italian version of the song for the Lava short by Pixar about a volcano that keeps waiting for someone to love. The original song makes a pun between the ...
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2 answers

What does this sentence mean in English?

I saw this advert in Sirmione - something to do with cold cuts of meat... It says "Con il caldo... Stiamo al fresco!" Does it mean "With the heat, we are outside!"? But that doesn't seem to make ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Double meaning of "traduttore, traditore"

I am familiar with the phrase "translator, traitor" and have no issue with its meaning in English. But what is the pun referred to on this Wikipedia page: "Similarly, consider the Italian adage "...
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