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Questions tagged [typography]

The style and appearance of printed matter. The art or procedure of arranging type.

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Vedi nota a piè pagina 3? O vedi nota numero 3 a piè pagina? O cosa?

In inglese, See footnote 3 è abbastanza inequivocabile: si andrà a cercare la nota a piè pagina numerata col numero 3. Ma in italiano non sono sicuro che suoni bene, inquanto Vedi nota a piè pagina ...
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16th-century character

What does this symbol mean? Il Decamerone, 1527 (available for free on google books)
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What is the Italian equivalent of The Chicago Manual of Style?

The Chicago Manual of Style is one of the oldest and most comprehensive English style guides. It's well-respected and widely used in the publishing industry, covering the areas of copy editing, ...
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How do Italians customarily insert uppercase Italian vowels with diacritics with an Italian keyboard on a PC?

How do Italians typically resolve the issue of entering uppercase vowels with diacritics on a PC (Windows or Linux) with an Italian keyboard, given that these are missing from the printed text ...
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Punti di sospensione per un elenco: come utilizzarli in italiano

È possibile utilizzare i punti di sospensione "…" per omettere di scrivere l'intero elenco di elementi di un insieme? Utilizzarli in pratica al posto di locuzione come "etc. etc.". Non trovo molti ...
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Does Italian allow "—" for parenthetical use?

In English you can use a number of different styles to add parenthetical remarks. For example: Juventus, as you may know, has won the most Scudetti. Some would say it's 29 (and technically they're ...
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Should one prefer «…», “…” or ‘…’?

Should one prefer «…», “…” or ‘…’? I.e., suppose one has to write reported speech, which one one should choice or prefer, 1., 2. or 3.? Qualcuno disse «Eppur si muove!» ...
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