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Questions about verbs, i.e. words that express an action, occurrence, or a state of being

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"Vendesi" oppure "Vendonsi" appartamenti?

Girando per Milano ci sono tantissimi cartelli relativi ad appartamenti che sono in vendita (e che spesso restano invenduti per parecchio tempo). Quando questi appartamenti sono in un edificio di ...
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Past participle of the verb 'irrompere' [closed]

I can't figure out the past participle of the verb 'irrompere': it seems to be a compound form of the verb 'rompere', past participle of which is 'rotto', but 'irrotto' sounds very strange to me. Is ...
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Is "scancellare" really not correct?

When I was at the elementary schools, I was taught that scancellare is not correct, and that I should always say cancellare. When I grew up, I have heard that scancellare is correct, and that the ...
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Why do Italian road signs use the infinitive tense and not the imperative?

Why do Italian road signs use the infinitive tense in their warning, while, for example, those in English use the imperative? Turn off lights Spegnere le luci (and not "Spegnete le luci" or ...
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Past participle and changing endings with auxiliary verb "avere"

I have read many times that the endings of the past participle doesn't change when used in conjunction with the auxiliary verb "avere". However I am increasingly noticing that is is not the case. For ...
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