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Questions tagged [word-order]

This tag is for questions about the correct order of words in a phrase, or a sentence.

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"Anche/pure" related to a verb

How do I translate the following sentence into Italian? He reads and also works. I know that "anche/pure" precede the word they refer to. Thus, an obvious attempt would be: Lui legge e anche/...
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Circa le sfumature di significato ottenibili passando da SVO a VSO in alcune frasi

In inglese l'ordine di verbo e soggetto determina se una proposizione è interrogativa o affermativa (negativa o meno che sia)¹. In italiano non è così. Tuttavia ho l'impressione (forse condizionata ...
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Arriva un poliziotto provinciale vs Un poliziotto provinciale arriva

What is the difference between the two sentences below? Arriva un poliziotto provinciale. Un poliziotto provinciale arriva. Is emphasis the only difference, as mentioned in Frase interrogativa: &...
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Word order in a Cemetery Crypt Scripture

Which one of the following four epitaphs is the most beautiful/sentimental for a scripture on a cemetery mausoleum crypt? I am also taking into consideration that: Per Sempre means Forever Sempre ...
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