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What did Italian telegraph style look like?

What the title says. In English, they would spell out the words "stop", "comma", "colon" and "semicolon" in telegrams, when the punctuation was crucial for the ...
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Alcun+altra va con l'apostrofo?

Domanda banale, stimolata dalla sottolineatura rossa che vedo sotto alcun'altra che mi suggerisce di cambiare a favore di alcun altra. Se non ricordo male il motivo per cui si scrive un'altra e non un ...
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Come migliorare lo scritto in italiano?

Come scrivere meglio in italiano? Avete consigli? Io studio l'italiano. Lo capisco, ma non scrivo perfettamente.
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Quotation of Vincenzo Galilei [closed]

I have a question on Italian language, how it has been used some 400 years ago and how it is translated today. There is a quote, frequently attributed to Vincenzo Galilei, that says in English ...
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What is the Italian equivalent of The Chicago Manual of Style?

The Chicago Manual of Style is one of the oldest and most comprehensive English style guides. It's well-respected and widely used in the publishing industry, covering the areas of copy editing, ...
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Differenze tra l'uso delle lineette [dash] in inglese ed in italiano

Esistono differenze nel'uso? Mi riferisco esclusivamente all' em dash , ovvero il trattino lungo utilizzato per separare parti della frase —e non singole parole. Faccio alcuni esempi dell'uso inglese: ...
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Any good resources on how to write better in Italian?

I was wondering if there is are any good (free) resources online for learning how to write or improving written Italian. Most resources that I have found relate to speaking the language. Moocs, books, ...
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List of uses of the apostrophe as opposed to the grave accent on an "a" with separate meanings (as in Da versus Dà versus Da')?

I've stumbled upon the following cases: Da (spelled this way this word means from) Dà (spelled this way this word means he/she/it gives) Da'(spelled this way this word means give (second person ...
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Does Italian allow "—" for parenthetical use?

In English you can use a number of different styles to add parenthetical remarks. For example: Juventus, as you may know, has won the most Scudetti. Some would say it's 29 (and technically they're ...
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What's the correct way of writing a non-terminated list?

When writing lists, it's sometimes the case in which the list is left non-terminated, using expressions like et cetera, eccetera or an ellipsis (...). Consider the following examples Comma + ellipsis ...
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