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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

× 538
Questions related to the definition and nuance of meaning of a word
× 524
Questions about correctly using a word within a particular phrase or context
× 378
for questions related to definitions and nuances of meaning of an expression or a phrase.
× 314
Questions about grammar - the set of rules governing the correct composition of words and phrases
× 300
Questions about verbs, i.e. words that express an action, occurrence, or a state of being
× 226
Questions about choosing the best word to use in a sentence, or the difference in meaning between two or more words
× 225
Determining Italian equivalents of words or phrases which are provided in another language within the question
× 188
a sequence of words established by usage as conveying a meaning not directly deducible from its components
× 166
For questions about the difference in meaning or usage between certain words or expressions.
× 126
Questions concerning regional usages and meanings
× 125
Questions about etymology, i.e. the origin and history of a word. Use this tag for questions regarding the origin of single words. If your question is about the origin and history of a phrase, an idio…
× 116
added or grammatically related to a noun to qualify/describe it.
× 111
a word governing, and usually preceding, a noun or pronoun and expressing a relation to another word or element in the clause.
× 82
For questions seeking a phrase that fits a meaning.
× 79
the body of words used in a particular language.
× 66
Questions about comparing differences in usage and meaning of a word or phrase between Italian and English
× 62
for parts of speech, represented by a single word.
× 61
a word that can function by itself as a noun phrase.
× 56
words that refer to an entity, quality, state, action, or concept.
× 50
Correct spelling, use of accents, punctuation marks, etc.
× 50
For questions about the sounds, intonation, and stress of how words are uttered or produced.
× 46
for questions about the usage of articles.
× 44
invariable parts of speech used to modify or clarify the meaning of a verb, an adjective, or another adverb.
× 39
Questions regarding the gender of Italian words.
× 39
Questions about the history of a word or phrase
× 37
for questions regarding the origin of a phrase, an idiom or a proverb.
× 34
a set of words that is complete in itself, typically containing a subject and predicate.
× 30
For questions asking about resources related to Italian language.
× 28
Questions about the usage of punctuation
× 26
for questions about choosing between two (or more) phrases
× 25
for questions about the correct order of words in a phrase, or a sentence.
× 23
A set of forms taken by a verb to indicate the time and/or completeness and continuance of the action in relation to the time of the utterance.
× 23
Questions regarding the subjunctive verb mood
× 22
A simple truth that expresses an idea or fact.
× 21
For questions that deal with grammatical number: “singular” versus “plural.”
× 20
for questions related to spelling issues