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Phonetic transcription dictionary

A good Italian pronunciation dictionary is DOP, Dizionario d’ortografia e di pronunzia della RAI. At this dictionary, you can see phonetic transcriptions and listen to the pronunciation of words.
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Onomatopoeia in Italian

Among most commons onomatopeias pertaining pets there are those diffused in language of and for children bau (dog's barking, woof), miao (cat's meow), grrr (sound of growl, snarl), chicchirichì (...
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Any Italians pronouncing pèsca and pésca differently?

In Standard Italian they are indeed pronounced distinctly, but the distribution of open and closed vowels in Italian can vary greatly depending on the dialect (due to the influence of regional ...
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Are the pronunciations of "cie", "ce", "gie", "ge" the same when the letter "i" is used to soften?

If the i is unstressed (as in cielo), cie/ce and gie/ge are pronounced the same. If it is stressed, though (as in astrologia, astrologie and likewise e.g. farmacia, farmacie), it is pronounced even ...
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Pronuncia sce sci (e ce e ci?)

Le varie lingue romanze hanno scelto modi diversi per indicare la palatalizzazione, ma c'è anche da tener conto di come la pronuncia derivata dal latino si sia modificata. Consideriamo per esempio la ...
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Phonetic transcription dictionary

I found the CMU Sphinx's whole acoustic model for Italian. The *.tar.gz contains the pronunciation dictionary. And it is, unfortunately, terrible. For example, according to it "zucchero" should be ...
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