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What does Ravaggio mean (in the sense of being evocative of something)?

I'm Italian and to me "Ravaggio" doesn't mean anything at all, it's not suggestive of anything, it's just a sound. Caravaggio on the other hand is the name of a town near Milan, where the ...
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Why “di” in “Un bel di, vedremo”?

Because the correct spelling is Un bel dì vedremo, dì with the accent, not di. And dì in Italian means day. See Di without accent is the preposition: https://...
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Cosa sono i "fitfit"?

I "fitfit" erano formati da una striscia di cartone con tante goccie a forma di pastiglie che prima di essere usate venivano tagliate singolarmente per poi essere sfegate come i cerini e ...
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What does "Ma tant'è" mean?

When used at the end of the phrase the exact translation should be "but so be it." e.g: "Oggi è brutto tempo, ma tant'è". "Today the weather is bad, but so be it".
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