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For questions that deal with grammatical number: “singular” versus “plural.”
29 questions
An auxiliary verb modifies the main verb to give more information about the main verb.
29 questions
words used to connect clauses or sentences or to coordinate words in the same clause, such as *e, ma, però*.
28 questions
Questions about past participle forms of verbs.
27 questions
for questions related to spelling issues
26 questions
Questions regarding the conditional verb mood
25 questions
In Italian, accent marks (diacritical marks) are added or attached to a letter to distinguish it from another of similar form, to give it a particular phonetic value, or to indicate stress.
24 questions
A simple truth that expresses an idea or fact.
23 questions
For questions about specific plural forms of nouns.
23 questions
for questions related to usage of the past tense of verbs
22 questions
22 questions
a noun representing a unique entity as opposed to a common noun, which represents a class of entities or nonunique instances of that class. A proper name may be capital…
21 questions
For questions about words that don't belong to Italian or that are borrowed from other languages (Latin, Greek, English, etc.).
21 questions
Topics related to given names, surnames, and linguistic aspects of naming in Italian
19 questions
Also called "troncamento" in Italian, it means to shorten a word by cutting off the last vowel or the last syllable.
18 questions
For questions about words, expressions or concepts associated with mathematics.
17 questions
for questions about the use of capital letters in writing.
16 questions
for questions regarding formal, versus informal words and usage.
16 questions
Questions about correctly using a phrase, idiom, exclamation, etc.
15 questions
Questions about the use of Latin words and phrases in Italian
15 questions
an element of a language that is added to the end of a word.
14 questions
13 questions
for questions related to the use of numbers or numerals
12 questions
Questions about verbs in their basic (unchanged) form
11 questions
Questions regarding letters used in the Italian alphabet
11 questions
for questions about a newly coined word or expression
10 questions
For questions on writing, formatting and speaking of a group of connected or related items.
9 questions
used to indicate an isolated emotion on the part of the speaker, without an explicit grammatical relationship to the rest of the sentence.
8 questions
shortened forms of words or phrases.
7 questions
Questions about grammaticality of comparisons
6 questions
The style and appearance of printed matter. The art or procedure of arranging type.
6 questions
for questions about sounds of words, letters, or syllables
6 questions
6 questions