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How do Italians customarily insert uppercase Italian vowels with diacritics with an Italian keyboard on a PC?
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On the PC, special Italian characters, many of which are not present on Italian keyboards, can be inserted using the following ALT codes. To use these, first ensure that the Num Lock key has been ...

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Can anyone help me with the proper pronunciation of the lateral palatal approximante (aka 'gli' trigraph)?
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The distinction between the pronunciation of gli and li (or even between that of gni and ni) is perhaps one of the most difficult ones for foreign learners of Italian to pronounce as it is perhaps the ...

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È più corretto "vabbè" o "vabbé"?
2 votes

The online Treccani dictionary does not list an entry for this expression. It does list an entry for the word be' (which is an abbreviation of bene which according to this dictionary has apparently ...

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"Mettere loro a disposizione", "mettere a loro disposizione" oppure "mettere alla loro disposizione"?
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Nel primo caso To answer your question: The phrase "mettere loro a disposizione" means "to make the group of people we are implicitly talking about availabe for the carrying out of some task at ...

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On what letters and in which letter positions can the circumflex character (^) appear?
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My understanding is that no Italian word which is not a loanword can be spelled with a circumflex except for some nouns and adjectives whose plural ends in "ii". These can also be spelled with an ...

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