• Creative leadership for innovative product and process, focused on internet and software development
  • Highly motivated by unique accomplishments and immediate results, yet having an equally strong desire for perfection
  • Acts quickly yet exploring all options before making a decision
  • Easy learning of new business domains and adapting to new roles, workplaces and cultures
  • Articulates engineering and business teams to meet requirements within time and budget
  • Easily oversees the big picture of business and projects: prospecting, requirements elicitation, development, marketing and distribution
  • Prefers things done in a quick, logical and correct way
  • Works better with the freedom to explore and the authority to test findings
  • Large experience with EAI and dealing with legacy systems and technologies
  • Success developing and deploying high availability systems as diverse as consumer email and ERP software
  • Software development team leader, working with continuous integration, object oriented programming, application servers, high scalability strategies as well as using agile methodologies since 2000 having experience with frameworks like JEE, Catalst, Bread::Board, AngularJS
  • Technical leader, responsible for database modeling, business modeling, spike solutions and interface design
  • Enjoys analyzing and solving problems and improving software development process, software architectures and team coordination
  • Really fast on daily decisions but extremely cautious when making big decisions, having better performance on data-driven, logical and analytical environments
    • Influences others by adopting innovative approaches to development of systems, frameworks and process
    • Experienced system administrator having planned and deployed backup routines, disaster recovery policies, firewall, iptables and VPN setups, open source software customization among others
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