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Italy was the place of many of the most nurtured memories of my life. I drank my first glass of wine on the romantic sea shore of Sorrento looking the sun set over Capri when I was 15 and had the luck to visit this beautiful country with my friends.

Years later, on our first visit to Sicily as a married couple, before we left for home after spending a wonderful holyday on this vivid island my wife bought me a chef apron with the quote printed on it:

non vedo, non sento, non parlo - mi ni futto

Which might translate to english: "No see, no hear, no speak - no care". And I always wear it when trying to 'cook' some italian, like caprese, my favourite short dish.

And though no day I'd spend without a cup of strong coffee brewed from italian fine roasted import beans, I have never had better ever than that creamy espresso two years ago on the St. Mark square, in Venice, when visiting the carnival.

I dont speak a word in italian - yet, but always wanted to learn it, 'cause I love the melodic sound of the language, I love that deeply emotional way how people speak it, and I am also attracted toward the culture, the history, the dining, the landscape and the country itself.

Since we often visit the Budapest Opera House and our favourite plays are of Verdi, Donizetti and other Italian masters I feel real joy when I can recognize a familiar word or two in the libretto, like: cuore, amore or allora;)

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