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"Fare nulla" vs."Non fare nulla" in una frase particolare: significati diversi?
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If in English and German double negation makes the sentence affirmative in Italian it is not always true. So, for example, a good translation for the sentence "I have nothing" is "Non ho nulla"; but ...

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Come si traduce in italiano "first cousin once removed"?
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I think that one solution, reported also by treccani is "procugino", neverheless it is not clear if you refer to your parents' cousin or to the son of your cousin. Procugino/a is a useful word to ...

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Which one is correct: "ho dimenticato" or "mi sono dimenticato"?
4 votes

They are both correct, and they are both used in common speaking. The main difference between these two forms is that with ho dimenticato you emphasize the object (what I forgot), instead mi sono ...

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