Sta per "Regia": "Regia Questura" era la dicitura completa all'epoca, è sufficiente una ricerca su Google per rintracciare trascrizioni e fotografie di documenti di epoca fascista (o anteriore) che riportano la dicitura abbreviata o per esteso.


I have been a part of the Italian pen and paper role-playing community for over 20 years. In that context, when a player is referring to their own character, or any character controlled by another player, the acronym you are looking for is PG, which is an abbreviation of personaggio or personaggio giocante (here is one of many examples you can find in online ...


As you can see in this page about abbreviations the correct way to express the abbreviation of giorni in Italian is gg. It's up to you to decide if you can stretch a point about your constraints, but the correct form is that one.


I can say it could depend on the context you are talking about. In everyday language, as pointed out in @RiccardoDeContardi comment, you can use giorno/i for day/days with an abbreviation like g./gg. and h (ore) , m or min. for minutes, and finally s or sec. for seconds. In this blog post about La punteggiatura nel tempo (The use of punctuation in time) it ...


The completely spelled out version of “Imm. Sogg.” is “immediatamente soggetta” (it refers to a diocese, so it's feminine). It means that the diocese is directly dependent from the Holy See, and not from a Metropolitan Bishop, in which case it would be a “diocesi suffraganea” (suffragan diocese). The abbreviations “Vesc.” and “Arciv.” mean “vescovo” (bishop)...

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